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18 July 2014

Helena Tapper Interviewed in the Morning show about ALICT

Information Communication Technology & Innovation and particularly capacity building in these areas is relatively new area in development programmes globally and by Finland. African Leadership in ICT (ALICT) is building capacity of policy makers and experts in ICT, Education and Science, Technology and Innovation in 13 countries in West, Eastern and Southern Africa. ALICT is a leadership capacity building course to strengthen participants’ leadership and to contribute to the development of their organisations. About 300 participants are currently studying in the course and 213 have graduated in the last 2 years. The course brings together participants across countries to address the regional and country specific issues in policies in ICT, Education and Science, Technology and Innovation. Many people are asking why not donor supports to health, education, rural development as priorities. However, investments in ICT, Education and Innovation are not competing with the traditional sectors; they are contributing to the development of those sectors. These investments have a longer term impact.

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