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ICT and STEM education

Implementable and scalable initiatives for ICT integration in education to address the gaps and inadequacies in schools’ science, technology, English and mathematics teaching provision, critical for social, economic and knowledge society development

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TVSD and digital skills and youth entrepreneurship

Empowerment of youth through ICT- Infused Technical and Vocational Skills Development (TVSD) and entrepreneurship development for employment and self-employment 

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Leadership for SDGs

Leadership capacity building to design and implement knowledge-based social and economic policies, strategies and programmes which will contribute to the realization of key identified SDG goals

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Teacher professional development

Rigorous and scalable models for the integration of ICT in teacher professional development to improve quality and relevance of education provision and learning outcomes 

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Community-based learning

Relevant learning opportunities provided to marginalized groups and communities in informal environments

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Education in crisis environments

Technology-driven education opportunities for children living in refugee camps

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Expert services

Expertise in the areas of monitoring, evaluation and impact research, policy and strategy advice and models of ICT integration in education and training systems

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GESCI's mission is to work with governments and partners in providing strategic support to develop and implement models of good ICT-based practice for high-quality education and training and to build effective leadership capacities in ICT and Knowledge Society development at all levels in countries across the developing world.


Latest News

Celebrating the African Youth at Banjul+10

GESCI participated in the commemoration event that celebrated the 10th anniversary of the African Youth Charter t in Banjul, the Gambia, May 21-25,...

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AKE 2016 -A Creative Media Venture: End of Skilling Phase

It has been three months since the training and Upskilling phase of AKE’s ‘A Creative Media Venture project’ began. A total number of 20 students have...

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End of 2nd Ministerial Forum

2nd African Ministerial Forum stresses urgency to accelerate ICT integration in education The Second African Ministerial Forum on the integration of...

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Thematic Focus

Focused on Creative Media Sector, providing innovative programs in the establishment of media focussed companies 

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GESCI is running an innovative program combining culture and digital media technology dubbed ‘African Knowledge Exchange (AKE) – Creative Media Venture’. The program is a first in the trialling and development of a new integrated model for skills and enterprise development. 

AKE addresses the issue of youth unemployment and job creation through developing and deepening the technical and entrepreneurship skills of young African artists in the creative multi-media industry. 

View what artists participating in GESCI’s innovative AKE-Creative Venture program produced here

More on GESCI’s AKE-Creative Media Venture program here

Tailored specifically to the professional development needs of Africa’s future architects of the Knowledge Society in the fields of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (STI), and ICT policy making and planning 

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STEM skills critical for social and economic advancement developed through scaled models of ICT integration in education.

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he broad objective of the Teacher Development for the 21st Century (TDev21) pilot is to build teacher capacity in Sub Saharan Africa for effective use of technology, particularly ICT in Education. 

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As its fields of knowledge and expertise increase, GESCI’s is exploring new domains such as technology-driven community based cross-generational learning to address literacy and numeracy challenges

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Latest Blogs

GESCI, Côte d’Ivoire and ADEA honor graduates from the ALICT program for ICT leadership and the development of knowledge society

January 29, 2016. GESCI (Global e-Schools and CommunitiesInitiative), the Ministry of National Education (MEN) of Côte d’Ivoire and the Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA)...

GESCI and Uganda will honour senior officials graduating in leadership in ICT and Knowledge Society development

Kampala, Uganda February 4, 2016, GESCI and the government of Uganda will honour graduates who have successfully completed the Dublin City University (DCU) African Leadership in ICT and Knowledge...

GESCI and Côte d’Ivoire launch program to integrate ICT and improve teaching of STEM

January 28, 2016. The Global E-Schools and Communities Initiative (GESCI) and the Ministry of National Education of Côte d’Ivoire have agreed to launch and implement a program aimed at both...

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