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Project Partners Group Meeting held in Tanzania

Morogoro,Tanzania 29th November, 2019: GESCI organized a meeting with education stakeholders in Tanzania who play key roles in ensuring smooth implementation of the ADSI programme in Tanzania.Officials from Universities,education institutions and Ministry of Education attended the meeting.

GESCI CEO made a presentation on how the ADSI model works in having capacity building for teachers using the ICT Competency Framework for Teacher Professional Development,Technology Pedagogy for content creation,embedding 21st Century Skills across the curriculum and whole school transformation through the five thematic actions towards achieving Digital Schools of Distinction (DSD) status.

The meeting also provided a platform to discuss the sustainability and scaling up aspect of the programme given that it is getting into its final year of implementation under GESCI.

The African Digital Schools Initiative (ADSI) Programme is also under implementation in Tanzania and Cotè d’Ivoire,it is funded by Mastercard Foundation, Canada.

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