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'GeSCI pulls no punches in report'

...according to Mike Trucano in his March 26th blog on Public Private Partnerships in ICT4E. The EduTech blog specifically refers to GeSCI's Rajasthan Education Initiative Review which describes among other things, the lessons learnt from GeSCI's experience facilitating such an ambitious PPP. Engaging the private sector is being increasingly considered by governments seeking to invest in ICTs at scale, but as the REI Review points out, a lack of leadership capacity can have a detrimental effect on unwieldy initiatives of this nature.

If one objective of PPPs, is as Trucano notes, for the public sector partners to play 'catch up' with the private sector, then ensuring that consistent and expert project management is in place to manage the process is essential if those catching up don't want to be left behind in the chaos. And leadership is the focus of GeSCI's co-hosted forthcoming Ministerial Roundtable at e-Learning Africa in Zambia at the end of May, and GeSCI's new African Regional Programme. A lack of leadership capacity in ICTs in Education can hamper integration at multiple levels of the system and so GeSCI will be focusing its efforts on addressing some of the capaity gaps in this area over the next 12 months.

By Niamh Brannigan

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