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Digital Schools of Distinction Workshop_Taita Taveta County

20 secondary schools in Taita Taveta County  were awarded e-Confident status under the African Digital Schools Initiative (ADSI) programme being implemented in the County. The programme leads schools through 4 stages of whole school digitisation from e-Initial to e-Enabled to e-Confident and, finally, to e-Mature. When the participating schools reach e-Mature stage, they will be classified as Digital Schools of Distinction.

The school principals received certification in recognition of their lead roles in supporting their teachers to utilise and integrate digital technologies  in their teaching. The programme has the enthusiastic support of the county education authorities, the Teachers Service Commission as well as the schools’ boards of managements and parents’ associations.   

The teachers in the 20 schools are following a rigorous ICT training programme and have already successfully completed the first two cycles - 1st on Technology Literacy and 2nd on Knowledge Deepening, currently the teachers have gone through the Knowledge Creation Cycle which is the third and last phase of the ADSI training. Teachers are now competent in incorporating various ICT tools in their teaching which will enrich student learning.

Addressing the media during the event, Mr. Nyambu Zolo Chairperson, Board of Management St. Agatha Ngoloki Secondary School said:  "ADSI has changed the way the schools communicates with parents.If students have fee arrears, parents get notified via text since we have the bulk sms system.They also receive their children's result slips via email.To ensure sustainability of the programme after the GESCI 5 year period, we have the aspect of institutional memory where teachers who have been trained will be expected to train any new teachers coming into the school."

Hamisi Juma, Principal Mata Secondary School lauded for the project for enabling his teachers cover the syllabus on time.He said; "For the first time, we have covered the syllabus on time.I have few teachers, but using ICT has enabled us to complete course work since teachers can prepare digital content and let students learn on their own."

In his closing remarks, Charles Kapkiai, ADSI Project Coordinator, Taita Taveta County said "We have had trainings with principals and chairs of Boards of Management in the schools who will play in key role in ensuring sustainability of the project.Strategies have been  put in place to have new teachers joining the schools trained on ICT integration by teachers who were trained by GESCI."

The African Digital Schools Initiative (ADSI) Programme is funded by Mastercard Foundation, Canada.



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