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New GeSCI ICT TPD Webquest

The webquest has been around for over 10 years and is hardly considered a cutting-edge e-learning application. But are its learning affordances overlooked because of its relative simplicity? Gagne's taxonomy of learning which is the basis for the webquest, supports the theory that there are...

PanAf newsletter indispensable to ICT4E researchers and practitioners

In PanAf’s latest insightful newsletter on ICTs in education Thierry Karsenti reveals how the physical integration of ICTs in Education in Africa has few role models on the continent, with ICTs largely remaining an occasional support for teachers. At ELA 2010 Mr Karsenti will outline a model for...

GeSCI to release new e-Content TCO calculator

GesCI will release its e-Content Total Cost of Development Calculator later this week. The model underlying the e-content TCO tool is the ADDIE model which considers Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation of new e-content. The costing parameters that have been taken into...

Digital Divide shows little sign of narrowing

ITU’s, Measuring the Information Society 2009 Report, reveals that despite unprecedented ICT levels worldwide the digital divide shows little sign of narrowing. While ICT access in developing countries is improving, ICT use, according to the report, is not gaining much ground with broadband internet...

Please see our quarterly ICT in Education update

GeSCI publishes a quartelry ICT in Education update. The update is designed to keep partners and all those interested informed about GeSCI's activities as well as providing news and infromation from the field of ICT in Education.

Knowledge Societies

Gesci is advocating Knowledge Society for All. Some may say (and already have said ;-) "C'mon, you may speak about a knowledge society in Europe but in Africa? No way!" The argument is based on the fact that many people in developing countries can hardly read and write and millions of children are...

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