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Secondary Schools in Nyamira County, Kenya achieve e-Enabled Status

The digital transformation is taking course in 80 secondary schools in Kenya.The move, through the African Digital Schools Initiative is reaching out to over 800 teachers and 1500 students of Science, Technology, English, Mathematics (STEM) and other subjects.

20 Secondary schools and 20 heads of the schools in Nyamira County, Kenya were awarded for successfully implementing the African Digital Schools initiative (ADSI) Programme that seeks to transform secondary schools into Digital Schools of Distinction through whole-school ICT integration. The 20 schools have achieved the e-Enabled status of the Digital Schools of Distinction Development process.

Since the ADSI Launch in 2016, the schools undergone various milestones, which saw its teachers, trained on Technology literacy and now on Knowledge Deepening. Teachers are now able to incorporate 21st century skills and technology in their day-to-day teaching.

Schools have recorded significant improvement in academics and the school heads attribute it to ADSI.By 2020, teachers will have gone through three cycles of training and the schools are expected to have attained the e-confident status through the Digital Schools of Distinction Development pathway.

The African Digital Schools receives full support from the Kenyan Government through the Ministry of Education Science and Technology and is funded by Mastercard Foundation, Canada.

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