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International experts attending a workshop in Kenya visit 4 secondary schools in Kiambu County

As part of a three day workshop for partners entitled “Innovation in Secondary Education (ISE)” organised by The MasterCard Foundation and GESCI, the delegates visited four secondary schools in Kiambu County, Kenya -: Precious Blood Kagwe, Ngenia Boys,Thika Girls Karibaribi and Karuri Secondary Schools. These schools were selected by the Kenyan Ministry of Education, Science & technology and GESCI to participate in the African Digital Schools Initiatives (ADSI)

During the visit the group saw, first hand, how the implementation of the ADSI project was progressing since it began in January 2017. Government representatives from the education sector as well as county officials accompanied the visiting groups. The groups visiting the schools observed Science, Technology, English and Mathematics (STEM) teachers conduct their classes incorporating the use ICT in a pedagogically effective manner.. Each of the schools had already received digital equipment to facilitate the project. Discussions took place with the teachers and school management after the teaching session and, following the visit, a very positive debriefing session took place in the workshop.  

The African Digital Schools Initiative (ADSI) is being implemented over a 5 year period in Kenya and Tanzania and two years in Cote d’Ivoire. The programme will reach 140 secondary schools with an aim of transforming them into digital schools of distinction. 1400 STEM teachers, 140 head teachers, and up to70,000 students will engage with the programme.

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