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GeSCI to release new e-Content TCO calculator

GesCI will release its e-Content Total Cost of Development Calculator later this week. The model underlying the e-content TCO tool is the ADDIE model which considers Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation of new e-content. The costing parameters that have been taken into consideration include piloting and evaluation of the product during development stage. While e-content is becoming available at a prolific rate, educators are becoming more aware of the fact that e-content must be tailored to address the specific learning objectives as laid out in their curriculums.

One size does not fit all and so there is increasing pressure on educators to create curriculum specific e-content. What may first appear like a simple technical process is actually quite complex and requires careful planning and costing if the end product is to be of value to learners. A wide range of expertise and resources are often required beyond what is available in the education community, and so there is a need for partnerships with industry and researchers to explore emerging technologies that could be potentially useful in teaching and learning. GeSCI hopes that this tool continues to prove helpful to partners who are considering developing their own e-content artifacts for educational use.

By Niamh Brannigan

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