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GESCI conducts training for ADSI Project Coordinators and School Based Coordinators in Kenya

Nairobi,August 2017:The  African Digital Schools Initiative (ADSI) Project Coordinators in Kenya were trained on the Technology Pedagogy Focus and Technology Content Knowledge before carrying the ideas to four counties in Kenya.

The training was conducted by GESCI's Senior Education Specialist, Mary Hooker and ADSI Project Manager, Kenya Esther Wachira.

The ADSI project is in year 2 of implementation, covering 80 secondary schools in Kenya,40 in Tanzania and 20 in Cote d'Ivoire.The project is funded by Mastercard Foundation

To ensure smooth implementation of the African Digital Schools Initiative (ADSI) project, GESCI also identified teachers at school level to coordinate the implementation in each of the 80 secondary in Kenya.

The School Based Coordinators underwent training on creating digital stories,identifying Open Educational Resources (OERs) and more.

This training came as cycle 1 of the course comes to an end.Cycle 2 on Knowledge Deepening will commence in January 2018.

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