The final leg of the African Leadership in ICT course opens at AUC HQ Addis

This three day event marks the end of a remarkably successful course in Afrifcan leadership in ICT for the Knowledge Society. During this final workshop, participants from South African, Zambia, Mauritius, Kenya and Tanzania will call on everyting they have learned on the course and all of the new skills they have aquired to develop a regional Policy Coherence Roadmap for the Knowledge Society. Futurists from California are joining the GESCI team to facilitate this innovative process that will challenge Africa's future decision makers to consider the future they, and their people want to have, 5, 10, 15 and 20 years from now. On Wednesday the 29th the AUC will host a grand award ceremony where senior officals and AUC ambassadors will join the participants to celebrate the success of this blended learning course. By Niamh Brannigan See the programme here for the workshop and award ceremony.

By Niamh Brannigan