Research and Innovation

ICT in education presents countries with great opportunities. With those opportunities also come challenges. Some of those challenges relate to cost, sustainability, optimising usage and making teaching and learning meaningful for students, and relevant for the development of the country. Many policy makers, planners, managers, and practitioners still lack experience, knowledge, and judgment capabilities in the systems, methods, and media involved in what is essentially an emerging field. This lack of experience is particularly evident when dealing with the integration of the newer ICT technologies into education systems. Many ICT initiatives are experimental, problematic, or new to the providers.

GESCI believes that research is essential for addressing such challenges. The complexity and rapidly changing nature of the ICT in Education landscape requires us to seek a multi-disciplinary and multi-methodological research lens for understanding the impact of the phenomenon of ICT in education systems. Multi-faceted research initiatives can enrich the knowledge and improve the choices available to our development partners. In addition, multi-faceted research can also generate new knowledge, insights and evidence which can stimulate discussion on key issues and strengthen our own advisory services.

Knowledge building is carried out via one or more of these avenues:

  • Internally by GESCI staff
  • Commissioning consultants and researchers
  • In collaboration or partnership with other organisations such as NGOs and universities and research networks
  • Communities of Practice and Knowledge Forums

The outputs of these knowledge building activities are knowledge tools and documented analytical research and reports on the thematic areas.