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    GESCI has developed the leadership network for alumni of the ALICT programme to discuss and share ideas in an ongoing basis.  The network supports members in the challenges and opportunities in terms of leadership in programme and policy preparation, preparing implementation strategies, building and applying evaluation frameworks as are relevant to building Knowledge Societies in their countries, region and the continent.  The Leadership Network portal link is;

  • Working on planning
    Peer support and collaboration

    Developing a network of leaders
    who will maximise return on
    the use of digital technologies

Leadership for Sustainable Development

We are witnessing increasing demand for public sector leadership capable of driving sustainable development.

Leadership [is] becoming more collective, less individual. Many thinkers today (Clay Shirkey, Andrew Hargadon, Josh Bernoff, Charlene Li) suggest that innovation, change, new directions, and strategies emerge not from individuals, but from the social network”, stressing the need for collective and distributed leadership to meet the challenges of social and economic development.

Additionally, two critical dimensions must be seriously taken into account when formulating and planning development policies:

(a) "the Sustainable Development Goals recognize the vital role that women play in social and economic development and reform and the need for their full and equal participation and leadership in all areas of sustainable development” (The World Health Organization, 2015);

(b) Based on the outcome of the COP21 conference, climate change and ecology are to be reflected in every aspect of social and economic development.

GESCI’s focus of work

For the period 2017-20 GESCI will work with governments, ministries of ICT, STI, Education, Universities and School Of Government partners linked to leadership development to:

  • Scale up a distributed model of the ALICT-LATIC programme regionally and internationally;
  • Enhance the programme to include critical themes for sustainable development – inclusive of environmental sustainability, women leadership, social equity and inclusive development.

Current Call For Participation

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