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  • Technical Training Workshop in Tanzania
    Building Capability in Teachers

ICT in Teacher Development

There has been a renewed focus in the Sustainable Development Goals on the need for quality teaching and learning. Historically, there has been less attention paid to the role of teachers and teaching which are key to improving the quality of education.

Now the need is for a radical shift in teacher preparation towards school based professional learning and collaborative design approaches that are timely and relevant to teacher professional learning needs. The requirement to reform and transform teacher education as on-going life-long engagement will be a critical challenge in the post 2015 education.

Quality ICT-enabled teaching and learning can only occur in school environments which enjoy a positive ICT culture, has a basic level of digital equipment and where ICT use and integration is championed by the principal and senior staff.

GESCI’s focus of work for the period 2017-20 GESCI will work with governments, ministries of education partners and national institutions linked to teacher professional development to:

  • Expand its ‘phased approach’ models for teacher professional development based on ICT competency frameworks and the GESCI Digital Schools of Distinction Framework which includes head teacher capacity building to support digital whole school development;
  • Integrate blended learning approaches to ensure practical application of professional learning with technology(mobile and fixed) and the use of OER in school and classroom practice;
  • Improve the quality of teaching and learning through school-based and virtual teacher communities of practice for collaboration on e-lesson and e-resource design.

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