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  • Developed through scaled models of ICT Integration

    STEM skills are increasingly required to meet 21st century
    social, environmental and economic needs’

ICT in STEM Education

The technology driven 21st century work place is creating rapid shifts in demands for knowledge and skills. The specific need is for STEM related skills – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to meet demands for new emerging knowledge economy sectors related to information technology (cloud computing, advanced software development) and science, engineering and technology convergence (nanotechnology, bio-technology and electronics engineering).

GESCI’s focus of work

For the period 2017-20 GESCI will work will work with governments, ministries of education, national institutions and schools to:

  • Develop systematic approaches and models towards the integration of 21st Century skills in general and in STEM school curricula and classroom practices;
  • Develop ICT in STEM quality exemplary curriculum materials for teachers and students in secondary schools using OER and local resources and various new education technology tools;
  • Enhance the quality of fixed and mobile technology use in classroom practice to support new pedagogy and content in STEM subject teaching and learning;
  • Improve learner motivation, engagement, retention and achievement in STEM subjects – paying particular attention to gender issues in girl and boy performance;
  • Develop policy briefs and evidence- based research and evaluation studies to inform scaling up models for ICT use to enhance 21st century learning and STEM skills.

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