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  • 75 million displaced children and youth
  • 75 million displaced children and youth

Education for Refugees

Conflicts, natural disasters and other emergencies are multiplying throughout the world. During these crises, children and youth frequently live in, or are displaced to contexts where governments cannot provide them with education services. The result is that entire generations of children and youth are denied the right to an education.

More than 75 million children and young people (aged 3-18) are currently out of school in 35 crisis-affected countries. Girls are particularly disadvantaged, being 2.5 times more likely to be out of school than boys in countries affected by conflict.

Furthermore, 25% of the 60 million forcibly displaced people across the globe are in Africa, where some countries have hosted large refugee populations for over 20 years.

When displacement is protracted, long-term needs like jobs and acess to basic services, including education, are critical GESCI is adapting its models to provide technology-­driven educational solutions for teaching and learning to take place on a regular and coordinated manner for refugee and displaced communities.

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