National Environment Management

E-waste Guidelines

The Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources through the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA)in partnership with GESCI and a number of other organisations have officially launched the Guidelines for e-Waste Management in Kenya 

The guidelines are a precursor to the development of a National Policy on e-Waste Management for Kenya which will be developed going forward. The development of these guidelines is one of the activities in the e-learning strategy for the environment sector. The e-learning strategy was developed in 2009 and adopted in April 2010.

 The guidelines have been developed with the strategic objective of providing a framework for the development of regulations and policies in Kenya.

Specific objectives of the guidelines include:

• To enhance environmental protection from e-waste.

• To establish a basis for a policy and regulatory frameworks on e-waste management.

• To raise public awareness on sustainable management of e-waste in Kenya.

Included in the guidelines are approaches to enhance environmental protection; policy and regulatory frameworks; environmental awareness; categories of e-waste and target groups; ewaste treatment technologies; and disposal procedures.

See Guidelines for e-Waste Management in Kenya

January 2011

We have been closely collaborating with the Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources through the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) for several months on the development of e-waste guidelines. Draft guidelines were presented at a one day stakeholder workshop on e-waste in Nairobi on September 7, 2010 at the United Nations Offices. The theme of the workshop was “Responsible disposal and management of Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment for a cleaner environment and posterity”, and the overall objective was to promote multi-stakeholder partnerships between manufacturers, consumers and public and private sector institutions to encourage responsible management of e-waste for a cleaner and healthier environment in Kenya. The workshop attracted participants from Kenya, South Africa and Ireland and the programme introduced topics such as benefits and challenges in e-waste management, private sector e-waste perspective, and challenges of e-waste for the recycling industry in Kenya.