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GESCI calls everyone to join our community. There is a role for all of you. GeSCI is a global partnership for development and offers a coordinated and harmonized way to influence the global development of Knowledge Societies in such a way that the benefits of globalization, knowledge creation, innovations and wealth is distributed more equally in the world.

Engaging Donors

GESCI is currently funded jointly by the governments of Ireland (Irish Aid), Sweden (Sida), Switzerland (SDC) and Finland (Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland). GESCI seeks further funding for new and existing programmes from donors who recognise that investing in GeSCI will contribute to the attainment of development goals and the harmonisation of aid.

GESCI considers its donor community a strategic partner, not only as a source of funding. Building Inclusive Knowledge Societies is everybody’s concern. GESCI aims to create a global community of likeminded governments that understand that all sustainable development is based on human knowledge and understanding. There may be shortcuts, lessons learned and technical leapfrogs in development, but knowledge and understanding always determine the success of the development. Therefore Donors understanding is as important as their money for us. We aim to ensure that our work also benefits donors by continuously informing them of emerging and good practices, sharing tools and building and furthering the donors’ own priorities and programmes. Through GeSCI’s knowledge building activities, the donor community can anchor its ICT4D and education-for-development policy dialogues to the good practices evolving from GESCI’s work.

Contact us and learn more about about becoming a GeSCI donor or co-funding our programmes.

Engaging Individuals

We constantly seek enthusiastic and creative people to contribute to our programmes as consultants. Please send your details and let us know of your ideas and what you could do for us. Please keep following our website because we publish the job announcements and larger scale consultancies on this page.

Contact us and learn more about how you can contribute to our programmes.


Engaging organizations

We are seeking innovative research institutions to work with us. Our research framework on ICT in Education offers new possibilities for joint research partnership programmes. GeSCI’s country programmes and regional activities (like AKE) offer a good channel to distribute research results and new innovations directly to the Ministries of Education. GeSCI facilitates capacity building activities for ministries to understand and utilize the scientific research as a tool for policy making. Also new applications and innovations created by research communities require an enabling policy environment in order to be up-scaled nationally.

Please download our research framework and tell us about your ideas for collaboration.


Engaging Nations

In the current global development policy environment of harmonization and coordination of development efforts, it is important that development needs and resources are discussed at the same table. We encourage the Ministries of Education to contact us, if planning to include ICT components in their national Education plans. We also encourage the joint donor pools and groups that are supporting Education sector development to invite us to work with them in the planning and implementing phases of the national sector plans. As we know that only few donors have expertise available at the country level on ICT in Education, GeSCI, as a joint initiative, can offer the required expertise for the donor community and the partner country already at the planning stage. We encourage the donors at the country level to jointly fund GeSCI country support programmes to ensure that the ministries of education have the required capacity to create national ICT policies and strategies for education that are in line with broader development principles of the country.

Please contact us and tell us about your ideas and how GeSCI can provide you with country-level support.


Engaging the International Community

GeSCI is part of the global community of supporting development based on Knowledge, Innovations and the use of ICT for development. GeSCI has already created some partnerships of coordinated action. GeSCI is currently supporting the UNESCO ICT in Education programmes where appropriate and contributing the EU-Africa partnership on Inclusive Information Society. We also support UN-GAID in the global facilitation of policy dialogues and partnerships as well as Partnership for Education initiated by WEF and UNESCCO, and Global Knowledge Partnership etc. We are also engaged globally with WITFOR Education Commission and with ADEA in Africa.

Please contact us and invite GeSCI to join your initiatives and networks. Together we can achieve more!