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14 September 2010

E-waste Guidelines for Kenya

GeSCI has been collaborating with the Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources and task force members drawn from government agencies, NGOs and other private entities to develop a set of e-waste guidelines to be used as a reference for the responsible identification, collection, sorting, recycling and disposing of electrical and electronic waste. Technical solutions for e-waste processing are available, but in most cases a legal framework, a collection system, logistics, and other services need to be implemented before a technical solution can be applied. An estimated 50 million tonnes of e-waste is produced each year . The USA discards 30 million computers each year and 100 million phones are disposed of in Europe each year. The US Environmental Protection Agency estimates that only 15-20% of e-waste is recycled in US, the rest of these electronics go directly into landfills and incinerators. continue reading >