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26 March 2012

Seeking future leaders from 7 more African countries

The African Union and GESCI can now release the list of 7 African countries that will be participating in the next round of the African Leadership in ICT course which commences in October 2012. ALICT launched in January in Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa and Mauritius. continue reading >

2 March 2012

New Innovation to provide work for many in Kenya

 “Microwork” is known as the breaking down of a project into a series of small tasks that can be carried out by a number of different individuals.

Samasource is a social enterprise that has taken the business of microwork to the world’s poor through their microwork distribution platform. Projects are broken down into small manageable digital tasks and distributed to large numbers of individuals.

Each individual is responsible for specific task completion and is paid accordingly. Collectively the job is completed.

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