About Us

GESCI is an international non-profit technical assistance organisation. We are a trusted advisor to governments, development agencies, academia, private sector and civil society organisations working to address key educational challenges of equity and access, relevance and quality through the innovative use of technology. GESCI’s work in the education sphere extends beyond formal education or schooling to encompass non-formal education, life –long learning and skills and professional development in any field. Our work aims to promote the development of knowledge, skills and values through learning and the application of such knowledge or skills to innovation for socio-economic development.

Since its inception, GESCI’s work has been in developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, assisting these countries to effectively use and integrate ICT for teaching, learning and skills development. Most of our work is with Ministries in charge of education, science and technology, innovation and vocational training and their related agencies. We usually work in partnership with civil society, the private sector and development agencies. We also offer consulting or advisory services to development agencies. 

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A Knowledge Society

Knowledge societies are based on the understanding that knowledge forms a major component of any human development endeavour. A Knowledge society creates, shares and uses knowledge for the prosperity and well-being of its people. The link between knowledge and development is fundamental to the building of knowledge societies – knowledge being both a tool for the satisfaction of economic needs and a constitutive component of all human development. (UNESCO, Towards Knowledge Societies 2005).