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School Leaders in Tanzania receive Specialised Training

Head teachers, Boards of Management Chairpersons and Parents Associations Chairpersons drawn from the regions of Pwani and Morogoro have been trained on ICT Integration.

Officials from 40 secondary schools in Tanzania congregated in Dar Es Salaam and Morogoro to gather knowledge on steps of ICTs integration in the schools to transform them into Digital Schools of Distinction (DSD).

The event provided an opportunity for the school custodians to go through the DSD ICT Integration Roadmap and Guidebook. The delightful lot is enthusiastic about the programme and they look forward to spearheading change in school activities by initiating whole-school integration of ICTs.

This workshop is part of wide implementation process under the African Digital Schools Initiative (ADSI) Programme seeking to improve teaching and learning and ensure whole-school development by adopting ICTs.

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